Why Is God Silent On Mandela

The Unspoken Question About a World Icon in Relation to Christ

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  • Veteran Zambian journalist Samuel Ngoma tells the incredible story of the life of Nelson Mandela, covering his leadership, his courage, his triumphs, and his heart-searing losses. But Ngoma then takes it a step further, diving into the question of Mandela’s faith and offering a profound look into a subject on which the statesman has been notoriously silent.
  • Samuel Ngoma is a Zambian Christian journalist who had an illustrious 16-year career at the Times of Zambia in Lusaka. In 1992, he was voted Zambia's best feature writer during the Press Association of Zambia’s (PAZA's) national awards ceremony in Ndola. Ngoma has written countless articles, and in April, 1994, he covered South Africa's first democratic elections from the crime-infested Hillbrow township in Johannesburg and the Afrikaner stronghold of Standerton. Ngoma has done postgraduate studies in mass communications, new media, and governance and democracy with Leicester University of England.

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