What's Your Name?

Inheriting the Name and Nature of God

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  • God holds His name in high esteem. This is evident in the Judeo-Christian Bible where we encounter His name in many forms, each of which describes His divine nature, such as Prince of Peace, Redeemer, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Faithful and True. God offers mankind to inherit His name and His nature. It is a crucial choice for each individual to walk in this inheritance in daily life and for all eternity.

    What's Your Name? explores some of the life changing benefits and the miracle power for a wholesome future available to those who accept this offer to appropriate, honor and manifest God's name and nature. It is the author's third published book.
  • E. VonBruck was born in Austria and raised by a Christian family during and after the era of World War II. After immigrating to the USA and receiving a BA degree, she taught several foreign languages in Christian schools and worked with young children in orphanages and private homes, including in a castle in Germany. She has composed Christian music which has contributed to her lay ministry with people of all ages. She currently resides in Rhode Island, USA.
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