Success For The Second In Command

Leading From the Second Chariot

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  • Too often people have the mentality that second place means second class. Pastor Billy Hornsby sets out to debunk that mentality by showing there are many benefits in being second in command.

    Hornsby explains that what makes the number-two position difficult is often caused by the environment we grow up in. For the most part, it is an egotistical world that only looks out for number one. He points out this is a dangerous mindset. Everyone is subordinate to someone—some board, some coach, some law, some other leader. To think that there is no hope of making a huge difference in this world from the number two position is to believe that only a lucky few will ever know significance.

    Hornsby outlines the difficulties of being second and provides an in-depth look at the key personal traits, leadership skills, and qualifications of those second in command.

    About the Author:

    Billy Hornsby is director of the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and Mission TIPS (Training Indigenous Pastors). The A.R.C. and Mission TIPS holds training seminars, plants cell churches, and provides oversight for these churches in the U.S. and around the world. He has been in the ministry for more than twenty-four years, and as a missionary in West Germany for five years. He is a published author who does seminars on maintaining strong productive relationships and leadership. Billy serves as the European Regional Coordinator for Dr. John C. Maxwell’s EQUIP organization and also serves as the director of Seacoast International.
  • Hornsby is the director of the Association of Related Churches and Mission TIPS (Training Indigenous PastorS). He was on staff at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana, serving for six years as senior associate pastor and cell group coordinator.

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