Restoring The Gates That Prevail

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  • Due to the absence of truly anointed ministries in our churches, the body of Christ has become a city with fallen walls and burned gates producing little more than broken people who reflect the world they live in more than the God they serve.
    Dr. Joaquin Molina offers a fresh approach to restoring the church by looking at the ancient gates of the city of Jerusalem, as presented in the Book of Nehemiah. From the Sheep Gate to the Inspection Gate, God has laid before us a system for measuring the effectiveness of our ministries.
    In doing so, Molina compares the ancient city to the church and claims that the same method of restoration can be used today. With personal experience to testify to the success of this method, Molina offers useful insight to inspire ministers to renovate their ministry.

    About the Author

    Dr. Joaquin G. Molina has pioneered a worldwide movement challenging leaders within the body of Christ to become authentic examples of Godly character. In 1988 he and his wife, Yvette, received a vision from God to change the world by bringing restoration and integrity to the body of Christ. Pastor Molina gave up a ten-year legal career and private practice to follow the Lord and the calling he was given.

    Currently Dr. Molina is senior pastor and visionary founder of Spring of Life Fellowship in Miami, Florida. His passionate teaching is a call to arms for all Christians to grow in maturity and faithfulness in the Lord in order to combat the spiritual darkness of this world. Dr. Molina and his wife also share their passion for Christ with their four children.
  • Dr. Joaquin G. Molina is the senior pastor and founder of Spring of Life Fellowship in Miami, Florida. He received his doctorate degree from law school, and after ten years of developing a successful private practice, Dr. Molina felt compelled to follow God’s call into ministry. Dr. Molina is pioneering a worldwide movement that challenges leaders within the body of Christ to restore integrity and godly character. Dr. Molina and his wife, Yvette, desire to change the world for Jesus.

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