Overcoming Spiritual Blindness

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  • All too often our modern society lacks both sight and insight resulting
    from a refusal to see the reality of creation. Such lack of recognition
    and appreciation for the Creator is spiritual blindness. Yet, the fruits
    and evidence of His love and wisdom are clearly demonstrated
    everywhere we look. Author Dr. James Gills, a world-renowned
    ophthalmologist with a deep love of the Bible, writes about spiritual
    blindness with stunning clarity and relevance.

    This book illustrates a powerful biblical theme, often repeated
    throughout the Scriptures: the analogy between the physical and the
    spiritual realms regarding blindness and sight. From Isaiah’s vision of
    a day when God’s Messiah would be “a light for the Gentiles to open
    eyes that are blind” to the fulfillment of the prophecy when Paul was
    sent to the Gentiles “to open their eyes and turn them from darkness
    to light, and from the power of Satan to God.”

    Overcoming Spiritual Blindness emphasizes the power and work of
    the Holy Spirit. What the surgeon does for cataracts that hinder sight
    in the physical eye, the Holy Spirit does for the cataracts of the heart.

    Overcoming Spiritual Blindness exposes obstructions to spiritual
    sight that cloud the lens of the soul. Such “cataracts” include pride,
    misguided concepts of money, preoccupation with work, distorted views of sex, and a critical spirit. The description of “the cataract of bitterness and an unforgiving spirit” gives such powerful insight that the reader must gain a new perspective of total forgiveness. The list of spiritual cataracts is vast and painfully relevant, highlighting the need for spiritual surgery to those who do not realize they are blind.

  • James P. Gills, MD, is the founder and director of St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. In addition to earning a reputation as the most experienced cataract surgeon in the world, he has dedicated his life to restoring more than physical vision. Dr. Gills has been an active author about spiritual topics for many years. His books include Love: Fulfilling the Ultimate Request, A Biblical Economics Manifesto, RX for Worry, Come Unto Me, The Prayerful Spirit, Dynamics of Worship, Darwinism Under the Microscope, and God’s Prescription on Healing. Dr. Gills has distributed over four million copies of his books.

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