No Apology Necessary

How hidden prophecies in the Old Testament foretold the tragedy of slavery and give the answers to racial tension in America

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  • Rev. Carter considered himself a Christian, but he was angry about the past. He saw himself as a revolutionist fighting for justice and equality for his ethnicity until he encountered some ancient biblical prophecies that shook his understanding of how to bring healing between blacks and whites. These ancient Biblical prophecies answer your questions: Why is there a disparity between blacks and whites? Was slavery in America prophesied about in the Bible? How can blacks and whites find healing and closure? What about the origins of prejudice in America? Can blacks and whites live in harmony?
  • Rev. Earl W. Carter, Jr. is the founder and senior pastor of Christ Ministries Church of God in Christ, Orlando, FL. Rev. Carter has been a national evangelist in the Church of God in Christ for more than twenty-five years. Author of the best selling book. No Apology Necessary, Rov. Carter is also a popular conference speaker and University lecturer.

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