Unapologetically Finding Hope in Changing Political Parties

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  • Author Wayne T. Hudson Sr. found himself unhappy about the way the Democratic Party, to which he belonged, was no longer representing what he believed in. After searching all the parties’ backgrounds and looking at past candidates for the parties, Hudson found himself and his beliefs fitting into the platform of the more conservative Republican Party. Hudson shares his journey in changing political parties and how he found the party that matched his Christian beliefs.

  • Wayne T. Hudson worked in land surveying and engineering at a north Florida phosphate mine for 12 years after college. Upon receiving his Florida broker’s license and contractor’s certification, he served as the contractor and designer of homes, churches, and other buildings for over 25 years. During his working career, as well as in retirement, he has volunteered as a Southern Baptist deacon and as a missionary.

    In the early morning of April 15, 2009, Wayne felt God calling him to write a book. He was instructed to write what he saw, heard, and felt as he began to ask key questions about American politics and his political stance. This book is the fruit of his desire to obey this call of God on his life.

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