Joy Comes In The Morning

But Not Without Peace

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  • Author and minister Kimley Dunlap-Slaughter takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures to find joy that lasts through trials and offers peace, faith, hope, and perseverance. They will discover how rooting yourself in God's Word, obedience to God, and trusting Him with your emotions will open them up to the joy God intended. Tools are given for learning how to rid one’s life of joy-robbers such as misery, greed, bitterness, depression, and lying.
  • Kimley Dunlap-Slaughter is a licensed minister of the gospel who is currently working on obtaining a degree in practical theology from the International Seminary School in Plymouth, Florida. She worked in the field of behavioral counseling for substance and alcohol abuse for 12 years and has since volunteered in a number of ministries and outreaches. She is an active inspirational speaker, motivational coach, and spiritual counselor. She currently resides in Apopka, Florida, with her husband and two daughters.

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