Holy Spirit, the Deliverer

Evicting the Devil and His Demons

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    Reclaiming 'God's property'
    When someone becomes a Christian, they belong to God—but the devil doesn't always let go easily. Sometimes he tries to hold on to what—who—used to be his.
    That's why deliverance ministry is so important, freeing God's people from the ties that can bind and keep them from knowing the fullness of their new life in Him.
    The spiritual battle is very real, but nothing to be scared of: Jesus has overcome, and this book will help you learn how to bring deliverance to those in need.
    From her years of ministry experience and Bible study, Loreatha Gunnels-Mayberry explains the common roots of demonic oppression, what to look for, and how to help those affected. She explains how to exercise discernment, and to move in authority.
    Central to effective deliverance ministry is the power and presence of  the Holy Spirit. Learn more about him in Holy Spirit, The Deliverer.
  • Loreatha Gunnels-Mayberry is pastor of Bethesda Worship and Deliverance Center in Omaha, Nebraska. She is also founder and executive director of Setting the Captives Free, ministering to prisoners and their families. 
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