Heaven Is Empty, Hell Is Full

A Revelation of Heaven and Hell

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  • Author and minister Asfaw Berhane shares his supernatural experiences, including visitations from Jesus and angelic beings, that gave him a revelation into heaven and hell. He not only shares his personal testimony but discusses the supernatural topics of dreams, visions, and the Tribulation. Throughout the book, Scripture references are given to support the visions and visitations. This is not a scare tactic but rather solid teaching on heaven and hell that will inspire readers toward righteousness and the pursuit of a tangible relationship with Christ. The purpose of the message is to show heaven is a reality and that living purely is not an option but a must.¬†

  • As a young man, Asfaw D. Berhane was a founder and leader of the Ethiopian Youth for Christ and suffered persecution and torture for his Pentecostal beliefs. Fleeing his homeland in the early seventies, he studied at the International Apostolic Bible College in Denmark and then moved on to Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Berhane settled in the States and excelled as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, California. In 2001 he began full-time ministry as an evangelist anointed for prophecy, healing, preaching, and prayer. Berhane is the father of two born-again, young adult children, and he currently works as a counselor at Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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