God Is Real

Undeniable Proof That Will Change Your Life

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  • Author Roy Davidson, a former skeptic on religious matters, shares amazing facts and testimonies that prove that there is a God and that He is supernaturally at work in the lives of people today. His firsthand accounts of miracles, encounters with demons, and divine blessings will challenge readers to examine their own lives.
  • Roy Davidson is a retired artist, corporate executive, and volunteer missionary with 19 years of experience in world missions. He as traveled to South America, Central America, and Africa with local churches and such organizations as Operation Blessing, The Flying Hospital, and Habitat for Humanity. In 1999, Roy and his wife founded a humanitarian organization in Uganda called Mission Masindi. They were able to provide drinking water to over 9,000 people, raise nearly $100,000 for Ugandan ministries and other relief efforts, and share the gospel with 13,500 people—all in five years’ time. Roy and his wife have been married for 34 years and have one son, whom they adopted from India.

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