Fire in the Carolinas

The Revival Legacy of G. B. Cashwell and A. B. Crumpler

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  • Rekindling the fire doused by racial and denominational division
    They were two spiritual giants instrumental in transforming a nation and shifting Christianity on a global scale... yet today they are largely forgotten.
    Central figures in the emerging Pentecostal church, within a short time of the 1906 “Azusa East” revival in Dunn, North Carolina, G.B. Cashwell and A.B. Crumpler had mysteriously disappeared from the movement they had helped shape.

    The reasons have largely been shrouded in mystery--until now. Through extensive research unearthing fresh primary sources, Michael Thornton has uncovered the tangle of racism, politics, and secret societies that conspired to put out the two men's Holy Spirit fire.

    More than just a compelling history, Fire in the Carolinas presents a challenge for today's church: overcoming racial and denominational divisions to usher in the next move of God.
  • Michael Thornton is a graduate of Heritage Bible College in Dunn, North Carolina, with a Master's degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He and his wife, Amber, have four children and live in Wilmington, North Carolina. 
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