Don't Miss the Rapture

A Scriptural Re-Examination of The End-Time Scenario

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  • The intense unrest and suffering around the globe have many people convinced that we are living in the last days. There are many theories about the return of Christ and the Great Tribulation, but what does Scripture tell us about these events? In Don’t Miss The Rapture, Dr. Cynthia Wallace clarifies—and at times confronts—some controversial Rapture theories of the church, and weighs them against the totality of Scripture.

    Don’t Miss The Rapture offers a sense of clarity in order to unify and bless the body of Christ, and prepare us for the rapidly approaching eschatological events. Dr. Wallace provides Scripture-based critical analyses of dates and time frames, and explains the distinction between similar terms that are often used interchangeably, including the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming. Don’t Miss The Rapture will encourage each of us to continually keep an open mind and a seeking heart as the final day approaches, inspiring us to do everything we can to help bring lost souls to Jesus before it is too late.

  • Dr. Cynthia Day Wallace is an international lawyer with a B.A. from Mt. Holyoke College and a Ph,D. From Cambridge University. She has traveled and lectured widely in her professional field of international economic law and has lived in such capitals as Paris, London, Vienna, Geneva and Washington DC. Her last position was a diplomatic post at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva. While in Geneva she co-founded an international church, where she served as an elder and intercessor, and also served in the music ministry and on the prayer team, occasionally bringing a message from the pulpit. She continues weekly three-hour non-stop intercessory and prophetic worship for Geneva, Israel and the nations in a 700-year-old church overlooking the Lake of Geneva, the Alps and the famed Mont Blanc. With virtually every nation on the earth having a diplomatic presence in Geneva, prayer over that city effectively reaches around the world.

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