Daniel's Prophecy, Syria and More

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    Looking to the future with confidence and hope
    Bible prophecy is a problem for many people. They don't understand what they read, so they give up in frustration. Or they misunderstand what they read, and draw wrong conclusions.
    But God spoke of the future in Scripture to guide and encourage us, so that we would be prepared for what is to come. He will not be surprised by tomorrow!
    Long-time Bible student Rodney Wegermann helps bring clarity and insight to important texts that have been troubling to many—those speaking about the Antichrist and the end of days.
    In this slim volume he offers a careful, clear analysis of passages from the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation that combines biblical, historical, and geographical context.
    Using plain language, he brings understanding so you may know that “although events and catastrophes escape our control and the control of society, they do not escape the control of God.”
    Reading Daniel's Prophecy, Syria, and More will leave you ready, and resting in the confidence of God's sure care.
  • Rodney Wegermann is a former high school teacher and library reference assistant. He and his wife, Peggy, have three grown sons and live in Saint Louis County, Missouri.  

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