Couldn't We Just Kill Em And Tell God They Died?

Overcoming difficult relationships with your family and friends

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  • Do your children make you insane? Does your husband seem deranged? Do you have a friend who drives you crazy? In Couldn't We Just Kill'em And Tell God They Died?, popular author and women's minister Cathy Lechner helps you love the impossible people in your life. "Some family and friends you choose yourself," says Cathy, "but others are simply thrust upon you. Because you don't always get to choose who to love and when to love them, you sometimes feel like strangling some of them (well, maybe not quite!)." In the same popular style of her best-seller I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet, But Who's Going To Cook Dinner?, Cathy's anointed words will minister hope and healing to your troubled relationships. With hilarious anecdotes, side-splitting stories and candid insight, Cathy will have you laughing with those people who often make you cry.
  • Cathy Lechner ministers with humor and prophetic anointing in churches and conferences around the world. She has appeared on TBN's Praise the Lord" show, and she and her husband, Randi, are the founders of Covenant Ministries, Jacksonville, Florida. They have five children Jerusha, Gabriel, Hannah, Samuel and Abagael.

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