Church Hurt

The Wounded Trying to Heal

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  • The body of Christ is full of people who have been wounded by Christians or the church. Author Dr. Angela Corprew-Boyd helps the hurting recognize they are not alone and provides them with wisdom and knowledge to reach out to Christ and receive deliverance from wounds that have made them bitter, resentful, and less effective in ministry. Church leaders and laypeople will benefit from Dr. Corprew-Boyd‚Äôs testimony and teaching. Once crippled by wounds inflicted by her pastor and trusted members of her church family, the author describes how she found healing and offers words of comfort and practical advice for readers grappling with their own church hurt. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledgement, reaching out to God, and, finally, forgiveness of others and oneself. Her message serves as a crucial reminder that there is hope for the future in spite of what our adversaries have said and done. Topics covered include the many possible sources of church hurt, how to recognize when a wound is still open, how woundedness can be transferred to church members, and the process of healing.
  • Dr. Angela L. Corprew-Boyd has founded Women Empowered in the Millennium, Inc., and Angela Corprew-Boyd Ministries, Inc., to help people learn to walk in God‚Äôs purpose for their life. She has a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University. Dr. Corprew-Boyd is an assistant principal in the Chesapeake public school system and an adjunct professor at Norfolk State University. She is an assistant to the pastor at First Baptist Church, Berkley, in Norfolk, Virginia.

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