Breaking Free From Stress

How to Find Peace when Life's Pressures Overwhelm You

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    Stress is all around us—a byproduct of our postmodern lives. We have too little time, too few resources and little control over much of our lives. But you can break free from stress and its effects. Discover how to laugh more, enjoy life to fullest and stop letting stress slow you down.
    • Understand stress and how it operates in your life.
    • Identify the physical and emotional signs of being overstressed.
    • Apply biblical stress-free strategies to specific problems.
    When you are overwhelmed and have done all that you know how to do, God is the resouce that will never run out. Let Him relieve your stress!


  • Dr. Linda Mintle is the Chair, Division of Behavioral Health, Department of Primary Care, in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. She received her PhD in Urban Health and Clinical Psychology from Old Dominion University, a Master’s degree in Social Work and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communications, both from Western Michigan University. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a national speaker and bestselling author with 18 book titles currently published as well as numerous articles and text book chapters. She is the host of The Dr. Linda Mintle radio show, a national conference speaker, a national blogger for BeliefNet and appears regularly as a national news consultant for various networks on issues related to mental health.
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