Breaking Free From Anger & Unforgiveness

A Biblical Strategy to Conquer Destructive Reactions

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  • Anger happens; it's part of being human. But it does not need to control our ruin your life! Learn to express anger in a healthy way that brings positive results. Whether you are seriously out of control, hot-tempered or easily annoyed, now you can break free from the grip of anger. •Learn life-changing strategies for healthy anger expression. •Identify anger triggers and explore ways to deal with them. •Examine biblical guidelines for expressing anger.God has important things to say about anger! Let these encouraging words speak to your heart as you begin making positive choices and changes.

  • Dr. Linda Mintle is a licensed clinical social worker. Having taught at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Regent University, Dr. Mintle is currently adjunct faculty at Wheaton College's Graduate Psychology Program. She writes a monthly column in Charisma magazine, contributes to SpiritLed Woman and New Man magazines and speaks nationally at conferences, on television and radio.

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