A Nation in Crisis-The Meltdown of Money, Government and Religion

How to Prepare for the Coming Collapse

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  • This book begins with the premise that the world is in a real mess in the areas of money, politics, and religion. The authors will show us where we went wrong in these areas through a view of life back when we were “America the Beautiful”. We will visit the institutions involved in the transformation of America and see how each (institutional chaos) has contributed to the mess. The authors develop strategies for minimizing personal and family risk in dealing with each scenario facing us in today’s world. This book brings a message of reality and hope and provides strategies for dealing with life. It demonstrates the way to raise up wisdom in a generation that is lacking it.

  • Larry Bates is publisher and editor of Monetary and Economic Review. He is a former member of the Tennessee House of Representatives where he chaired the Committee on Banking and Commerce. A former bank executive, Bates is CEO of Information Radio Network. In March 2008, IRN merged with USA Radio Network (USA) to become IRN USA Radio News. With a combined 2500+ AM/FM radio affiliates, including several independent news stations, IRN USA Radio News is one of the largest radio news networks in America, and the largest internet radio news product on the market.

    Charles E. “Chuck” Bates, also an economist, is Executive Vice President and News Director for IRNUSA Radio News.  He previously served as an assistant in the office of Political Affairs in the White House.

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