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This is The Generation for World-Changing, Mountain-Moving Prayer

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  • It was the longest ride of Grace Swift’s life. For nine hours she could think only about the excruciating task awaiting her: identifying the body of her youngest son. He had been a radical prayer warrior and Christian who placed his confidence in God despite his personal imperfections. But in a random act of murder, he was gunned down in his youth.

    Drawing upon her son’s fervent commitment to Christ, Grace has crafted a message for all young Christians who want to change the world through prayer: Personal perfection is not a prerequisite for being used by Jesus. Confidence in His power within you will enable you to accomplish great things for Him.

    Grace will challenge you not to limit God because of your youth. She will build your confidence that through the Holy Spirit in you, you can live every day “on the offensive” and enjoy a mountain-moving, world-changing life of prayer. 
  • Grace Swift is the author of three previous books on prayer and has been in prayer ministry for more than forty years. Based in Orange Park, Florida she travels internationally to work with prayer ministries and teach prayer strategies. Visit her online at www.aaadimensions.com or www.sonshipseries.com.
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